My Family

 Ready to get your Senior shots done?

Then I urge you to get in touch with Lisa. Her Photography is Fun &  the images are absolutely stunning and I can 100% recommend her. 

- MN

Absolutely stunning images...

Lisa Schlager is such a find! She is able to capture amazing Sports images & even got our dog to smile!  She loves the candid shot & her relaxed sense of photography makes you feel so comfortable.

- GS

You're a Legend! 

 - CK

"Just One More Shot!"

They all have been subjects in, & subjected to, my never-ending picture taking over their lives. They have grown to accept the fact that they cannot eat food when we are out at a restaurant until I take a picture of it. They try to "rush" me, yet, have become used to me saying "just one more shot!". They have dragged me out of sporting events that I'm photographing because I want to get "just one more shot!".

 I Love & Thank them for their patience & for allowing me to chronicle their lives, & the lives of their friends, through my photography.  I am one lucky gal & truly Blessed to have my Family, & for allowing me to always have

..."just one more shot!"

We LOVE Sports!

We are die-hard Villanova & Eagles Fans & really love almost every sport.  Our three boys have played many sports, have developed wonderful friendships, & have learned great life skills right along with it.
My Photography started while taking pictures of my younger brothers for my College Photography 101 Class. Where we did things the old-fashioned way, with small lenses & processing & developing in true Darkrooms. My passion continues today, on the sidelines of my kid's sports & special events.